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 Alumni Network

The Systematic Alumni Network works to maintain positive relationships between employees who have moved on from Systematic. The purpose of the network is to maintain a long-lasting relationship that goes beyond the actual employment period. This includes catching up with colleagues over a glass of wine, discussing the state of affairs in Systematic and recalling the trials and victories of the past.

We see our Alumni Network as a informal network of very talented it-workers. Ex-employees bring in knowledge from the outside, and the members get an opportunity to exchange experiences and perspectives on working within IT. 



Our Alumni Network is based on two things: the LinkedIn community and events put on for the alumni and current employees at Systematic’s head office.

The LinkedIn community boasts near to 500 members from all Systematic’s offices both past and current employees.

Our Alumni Network meets two times a year where you get the chance to meet with both past and present employees. Attendance is voluntary and the events are free of charge. 


I spent many years at Systematic. I felt like Systematic was my second family so it's natural for me to keep in contact.

The main drive for my participation in the Alumni Network is that Systematic is a place I would like to come back to, so it's about staying in contact with the atmosphere.




If you want to receive news about coming events, the easiest way is to become member of the LinkedIn group "Systematic Alumni". Search for the group and apply for membership. Remember to turn on the alert function - then you will receive all information about activities. 

You can also contact us via alumni@systematic.com and get on the member list - or fill out the form below.


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