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    92 % of the Danish municipalities are part of the project


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Libraries and schools are undergoing important change. New requirements, patterns of use and new ways to acquire knowledge and learning all require innovative digital tools to support such developments. Systematic solutions are tailored to specific usage situations and the changing individual needs of users.

We aim to become the preferred supplier of IT solutions for sharing and passing on know-how in the field of libraries and learning. Working with our customers and users, we will contribute to building the future and making a difference.

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    The Cicero software suite includes creative digital solutions ideal for use by the administrative staff in libraries and educational learning centres, as well as library users.

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    Dantek BiblioMatik is an online library solution specifically designed for use in educational learning centres in schools, and in the libraries and book repositories used in adult and youth education institutions.

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    The Mimer software suite features intelligent learning solutions that include collaborative tools for organising, managing and implementation of learning processes. These solutions are targeted at students, parents, teachers and school heads, serving as a shared platform designed to provide the basis for good working relationships.

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    New digital opportunities are a key part of the school of the future. Mimer is an intelligent learning solution that supports the needs of teachers, school heads, students and parents.

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    Educational Service Centres

    From school library to educational service centre – the transition becomes much easier using solutions from the Cicero suite.

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    Public Libraries

    The Cicero suite is specially designed to include IT solutions that meet the new kinds of requirements encountered by modern public libraries.

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    Joint Library System

    The Joint Library System for public libraries and educational learning centres is a thoroughly up-to-date solution designed to support libraries in carrying out their tasks as efficiently as possible.

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A solution from Systematic is more than just another system. Working in close cooperation with us, you are helping to develop and shape the digital tools of tomorrow within your specific field.

Contact us for more information about getting involved in this development  procees.





Working with KOMBIT, Systematic is developing a Joint Library System designed to meet the needs of public libraries and educational learning centres. This gives municipalities a thoroughly modern library system, with attractive financial benefits.

The goal of the Joint Library System is to create a shared solution based on a national infrastructure that benefits from shared responsibility for operations and development. This set-up has already been implemented in the 90 Danish municipalities that have chosen to be part of the Joint Library System, and additional municipalities are enrolling all the time.



  • 1 centralised operations facility
  • 1 shared system
  • The Joint Library System will be used by approximately 1,500 Danish public libraries and educational learning centres (formerly known as school libraries) in 92% of the municipalities in Denmark

  • These public libraries and educational learning centres are responsible for more than 50 million loans every year

Read more about the Joint Library System

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Systematic and Redia form a strong partnership that integrates Systematic’s many years of experience in software development with 

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Redia’s expertise in process management an digital communication solutions.

Together, Systematic and Redia have great plans for developing the whole field of 

learning and libraries, both in Denmark and internationally.  



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