The Cicero suite provides library users with the combined benefits of long-term software development and more than 25 years of solid experience meeting the practical needs of library organisations. This gives Cicero software the best possible basis for supporting, extending and strengthening library capabilities, providing administrative IT solutions and digital tools as well as library furnishings and equipment designed to encourage cultural and literary communication.


Cicero has already proved its worth with a successful rollout in the Danish public library system – widely considered one of the most well-developed and up-to-date library systems in the world, with a strong emphasis on transparency, involvement and easy – and free – public access to all kinds of materials, as well as on extensive nation-wide cooperation between different types of libraries.

Cicero solutions help you with organising, structuring and streamlining these administrative tasks, as well as providing library users with better service. 


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Effective support for library administration, including the handling of materials and fees. 

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Cicero Surf 232X232

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Cicero Surf makes it quick and easy for library visitors to find appropriate library materials. 

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Explore Losning

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Cicero Explore can help with tangible, uncomplicated business intelligence reporting.

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Cicero Move makes it easy for libraries to work with electronic pick lists.

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