Satisfaction with the National Joint Library System continues to rise

Every year KOMBIT conducts a study concerning satisfaction of all users in the Danish municipalities regarding the National Joint Library System, which Systematic is the supplier of. To the great pleasure of all parties the level of satisfaction has risen again this year.

31 March 2020

In January 2020 KOMBIT sent out the yearly user satisfaction survey to all public libraries and the users of the National Joint Library System. Library employees from 91 municipalities have participated in the survey.

The total satisfaction with the solution has risen with 0.3 points this past year on a scale from 1 to 5, while the results for response time and support also shows encouraging signs. The support has previously been on a stable level, but this year it has taken a positive leap on all parameters – and the same applies for response times on the various solutions.

KOMBIT has received a lot of great feedback, which has created a true and fair picture of the system. A lot of the respondents have taken their time to go into detail about their wishes and needs, which is very valuable. KOMBIT and Systematic continues to work on these inputs.

Read the full article and find the survey here (only in Danish)

The heart of the National Joint Library System is the administrative system Cicero Library Management System. Together with Cicero Surf these two are, among others, a part of Systematic's solutions for the libraries. Cicero Surf is specifically targeted at school libraries.

Great satisfaction with Cicero Surf

In May 2019 all school libraries changed from Cicero Web to Cicero Surf and this year’s user satisfaction survey suggests that Cicero Surf has been well received.

Distributed to 58 municipalities, 296 users from the school sector have completed the survey. The user satisfaction has risen from 2.9 to 3.8 on a scale from 1 to 5 after changing to Cicero Surf, which is a decent increase of 0.9 points.

Students and teachers at Frederiksbjerg Skole in Aarhus are very happy with the change to Cicero Surf. Lasse Bundgaard Lassen, educational IT-supervisor at Frederiksbjerg Skole, Aarhus, says: 

“Surf is a really nice new tool for keeping up our work to increase students' joy of reading and the number of books being read. Cicero Surf doesn’t do it alone though. It requires a local effort to train the students and teachers in using Surf. That, in combination, I believe will help us move towards our goal in getting more children to read books.”

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