US military staff in a headquarters using SitaWare Headquarters
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oktober 26, 2023

SitaWare passes major cybersecurity certification milestone

SitaWare suite added to US Department of Defense Information Network’s Approved Product List following passing of key cybersecurity certification

26 October 2023 – Aarhus, Denmark. Systematic is proud to announce that its SitaWare suite of software has received Cybersecurity Tools certification from the US Department of Defense’s Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

As a result, SitaWare Headquarters, SitaWare Frontline, and SitaWare Edge have now been placed on the Department of Defense Information Network’s Approved Products List. This demonstrates the suite’s cybersecurity capabilities as assessed under one of the world’s most rigorous and demanding testing and evaluation processes, as administered by DISA’s Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC).

“This certification proves the strengths of the SitaWare suite and its capacity to be deployed in support of critical warfighter missions, while providing reliable support to operations. As the electromagnetic spectrum and cyber domain become increasingly contested in modern warfare, delivering an assured capability that is certified against cyberattack is crucial,” Mike Rountree, Vice President of Business Development at Systematic, Inc. said.

US staff in a headquarters using SitaWare Headquarters.

“The inclusion of the SitaWare suite onto the Approved Products List will also allow for easier procurement and rapid deployment by other units and commands across the US Department of Defense, enhancing their interoperability across services but also with allies among SitaWare’s userbase of 50+ countries. As a Commercial Off-The-Shelf capability that embraces principles of open architecture, as well as DevSecOps, the flexibility and deployability of the SitaWare suite is boundless,” Rountree added.

The US Army fields SitaWare Headquarters as the core of its command post software infrastructure. It is currently fielded to dozens of operational units and training organizations, including corps and division headquarters, component commands, and mission training centres. The software has also been deployed to support a variety of exercises across the US military in a range of environments, including coalition exercises with allies.

Systematic’s SitaWare suite allows the seamless integration of a wide range of C4ISR data and intelligence to deliver comprehensive common operational picture to battlefield commanders. SitaWare Headquarters can be used by commanders at fixed or static headquarters or in joint operations centre, while SitaWare Frontline can be used by vehicle-mounted troops vehicles to provide full situational awareness and planning. SitaWare Edge, delivered on an Android device, is used by dismounted troops to provide unparalleled C4ISR support at the forward line of control.

SitaWare’s open architecture allows for a greater degree of modularity, with a software development kit allowing users to create their own plug-ins and add-ons to meet their mission and capability requirements. Recent Systematic-developed Modules for use in the SitaWare environment include the Fire Support Module, which assists in the planning and delivery of joint fires, and SitaWare Battlefield Health, which helps to manage the health needs of soldiers – from enlistment, to the battlefield, and as returned veterans.

Trusted by over 50 countries, SitaWare is used by a variety of nations and organisations, including NATO, the US Army, the British Army, Australian Army, German Bundeswehr, Danish armed forces, Defence Forces Ireland, and more.

For further information, please contact Charles Forrester, Communications Manager (Defence), at [email protected]

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