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februari 11, 2020

Lithuania opts for SitaWare across all forces


The full SitaWare suite will be available for service with all branches of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

Image credit: Sergeant Specialist (OR-5) Ieva Budzeikaite

The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence has taken the decision to roll out Systematic’s SitaWare command-and-control software across the Lithuanian Armed Forces.  

Through a new Enterprise Licence Agreement, the full SitaWare suite – SitaWare Headquarters, SitaWare Frontline, and SitaWare Edge – will enter service.

At present, the Land Forces are the sole operator of the software in Lithuania, primarily employing SitaWare Headquarters and Frontline at the brigade level and below, however, the Land Forces are now moving to utilise SitaWare Headquarters at command above brigade.
The ELA also includes SitaWare’s Fires Support Module, which serves to enhance the combat effectiveness of artillery systems by shortening the sensor-to-shooter loop and providing information assurance, among other features.

“The SitaWare suite will provide all elements of the Lithuanian Armed Forces with comprehensive command-and-control and situational awareness capabilities, across the battlespace,” explains Merja Annala, President of Systematic Oy Finland.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces are active in a number of NATO, EU, and UN missions around the world and notably are hosting one of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) multinational battlegroups, “The Lithuanian Land Forces are operating at the tip of the spear, with the ‘Iron Wolf’ Brigade assigned to the eFP. The addition of Frontline’s advanced C2 functions to the brigade‘s Vilkas vehicles brings a step change in capability, and along with SitaWare Headquarters will enable seamless inter-operation with the German Army contingent attached to the battlegroup, which also operates Headquarters,” Annala notes.

“Interoperability is of paramount importance to the Lithuanian Armed Forces” explains Eimutis Misiūnas, vice minister of the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence, “As a NATO member we routinely operate with partners and the ability to easily share and receive C2 and situational awareness information is a force multiplier.” 
Following the fielding of Frontline with the ‘Iron Wolf’ Brigade, the software will be installed on vehicles in service with the ‘Griffin’ Motorized Infantry Brigade.
SitaWare brings cross-domain utility, also, with proven functionality in the maritime environment in service with the Irish Naval Service and Royal Danish Navy. The latter is employing SitaWare Headquarters as a planning tool in their role as lead of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One (SNMCMG1) - a core component of the Lithuanian Naval Force is its Mine Countermeasures Squadron.  
In addition to SitaWare, the ELA includes Systematic’s IRIS Forms military messaging software, which is the de facto NATO standard.
“We look forward to working with the Lithuanian Armed Forces and establishing a close relationship where we can benefit from each other’s expertise and experience,” adds Annala.

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