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Multi-Domain C2 - everything is connected

The era of operating in single domains is over. Today, you need to include all domains in your military planning. The reality is that planning and operating in a single domain is not enough: Everything is connected. The challenges lie in the integration of cyber and space into the traditional Joint planning. Both domains include dimensions that are pivotal in achieving the advantage over your adversary. In other words, today all domains must be included in the Command and Control construct and supported by agile C2 systems.

SitaWare & Multi-Domain C2

We have a close collaboration with our customers. We stay close to the initiative and we make sure to keep us oriented of the development in all of the domains with the purpose of integrating them into SitaWare in close cooperation with our customers.

We believe that our open architecture and the built-in interoperability is what makes the difference for our customers. SitaWare is well known for its interoperability ensuring that our customers can collaborate with anybody. Keywords on the road towards Multi-Domain C2 are: Open architecture, interoperability, rich operational picture, intuitive user interface and work processes, and 3rd party integration. 

Multi-Domain C2 today and going forward

  • JCOP
  • Information sharing
  • Correlation & data fusion
  • Collaborative planning
  • Planning across services
  • Joint level messaging
  • Enabling multi-domain C2
  • Interoperability


Joint Common Operational Picture

Manage the joint common operational picture

SitaWare is capable of combing a true common operational picture (COP) into one single view. The COP may consist of the Air Picture, Maritime Picture and the Land Picture as well as the Environmental Picture. This gives the commander joint situational awareness that allows him and his staff to do proper assessments of the current situation. On top of the COP, information about unit movements and control measures may be overlaid to let the commander compare the current situation with his envisioned orders and directives. Each individual user can customise his view to see exactly the information in the COP relevant for his function. This ensures that the ever-increasing amount of data does not lead to information overload.

Information sharing

SitaWare ‘speaks’ a wealth of C2 interoperability standards allowing it to interface, correlate and share mission essential information from other C2 information systems used throughout the different services. Due to SitaWare’s ability to translate between the different standards as well, it can also act as an information gateway between the different C2 information systems.

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Correlation & data fusion

Track correlation and data fusion Go to Artificial Intelligence

The SitaWare Fusion engine enables automatic track correlation and data fusion from multiple sources. SitaWare Fusion also enables rule-based as well as AI-based anomaly detection to automatically identify suspicious behavior and notify the Command about anomalies.

Collaborative planning

Collaborative Planning capability

With SitaWare Headquarters you can use the Collaborative Planning capability for multi-user military planning support/joint ops. Moreover, you can facilitate real-time collaboration for commanders and their staff to concurrently author and instantly share the different plan elements and contextual information products.

Planning across services

Planning capabilities for all domains Go to Downloads

Receive and visualise plans from all services. SitaWare natively supports the standard planning formats from the Land, Air and Maritime domains enabling an all-domain visualisation of detailed operation plans.

Joint level messaging

SitaWare Edge in use on tablet device

Use structured military messages to enable a highly interoperable environment for Orders, Reports, Requests and Situational Awareness Information on multiple tactical levels in Air, Land and Maritime Services.

Enabling multi-domain C2

C4I software for all military domains Tell me more

SitaWare’s open architecture and software development kit (SDK) enables integration with additional domain-specific C2 solutions such as space and cyber and/or extension of SitaWare capabilities to support special use-case requirements.


Next to coordination between services, Joint commands typically also need to coordinate operations with coalition partners or civilian and governmental agencies. SitaWare exchanges tracks, plans/orders, and messages in a wide range of formats such as APP-11, OTH-Gold, AIS, WAIS, USMTF, Link 11, Link 16 SIMPLE, Link 16 JREAP, ADS–B, Asterix CAT 048, NVG, KML, NFFI and MIP.

Accelerate your deployment

If you’re already a customer of ours and want to accelerate your deployment of the SitaWare Suite, we can help. We offer our customers a wide range of support, training, project management tools and consulting to help you succeed even faster with SitaWare.

If you want to learn more about how we work with Multi-Domain C2, you’re more than welcome to reach out to us.

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