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IRIS Information Mapping

Trouble-free data exchange

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Trouble-free data exchange

Bridge between different data structures

IRIS Information Mapping is designed specifically to develop and execute the data mapping required to make it possible to automatically pass structured information from one system to another. This specialist tool paves the way to an efficient, well-integrated data environment that facilitates smooth, efficient data exchange between a wide range of different applications and technologies. These include Message Text Format (MTF) messages, databases, XML and other structured documents.

IRIS Information Mapping - product highlights

  • Enables the possibility to extend the service life of legacy systems
  • Straightforward drag and drop conversion between data standards
  • A tool for ensuring interoperability between different forces and units
  • A cost effective way of dealing with changes and updates in communication standards
  • Graphical interface makes the initial mapping process uncomplicated
  • Faster, with less manpower

IRIS Information Mapping makes it quicker and easier for systems integrators to implement the many different NATO and US standards within national command and control systems, by matching outputs and inputs.

This software makes the time consuming task of converting data formats a straightforward drag-and-drop procedure. It dramatically streamlines and speeds up the entire process, resulting in savings on manpower and helping eliminate communication mistakes.

The path to interoperability

Data structures evolve over time. Each new standard only partially matches its predecessors – usually due to new operational needs or a desire to be independent of legacy technical limitations.

IRIS Information Mapping makes it possible to bridge gaps between otherwise seemingly incompatible data structures. This plays a key role in achieving organisational interoperability, as well as paving the way to substantial savings on both time and manpower.

Effective coordination

IRIS Information Mapping ensures effective coordination of changes in your particular system as well as changes in international messaging and data management standards. This helps future-proof your investments in military messaging systems.

For further information download the IRIS Information Mapping data sheet.

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