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Delivering the best service to critical decision makers

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Delivering the best services to critical decision makers

Shortening the period from purchase to implementation.

We strive to ensure that our customers get the best out of the product in terms of value and efficiency, so that they can do their job better. We always fit the solution to the situation, while knowing that there are always time and financial constraints.

Systematic Defence Services’ goal is to always deliver efficient and robust implementation of your SitaWare C2 system, ensuring optimal use of your product. We’re proud that we’re succeeding with an on-time delivery performance of 98%.

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Professional services

Efficient and robust implementation of your SitaWare C2 system ensuring optimal use of your product.

We ensure that our customers have the best possible start with their SitaWare product, and that the technical aspects do not become an obstacle for success. We know that implementing a new system can be an overwhelming task. We help with shortening the pipeline from purchase to successful implementation. 

We base our approach on 6 disciplines, which ensures that more than 98% of all projects are delivered before or on time.


Lead & manage the strategy

Align stakeholders on needs to plan and prioritise a set of well defined C4I capabilities meeting your operational objectives.


Analysis & design specification

Explore ways of working to design a loosely-coupled architecture that easily adapts to new objectives and technology.


Select & extend components

Find and tailor the best standard technology, meeting objectives with low risk and fixed total cost of ownership.


Integrate & test capacity

Integrate components into a coherent, constantly evolving technical solution with full interoperability.


Train & validate capability

Ensure that trained staff can utilise the evolving technical solution in operational scenarios at any time.


Prepare & support to effect

Prepare for missions to achieve a sustained and supported operational capability exploited by soldiers on operations.

We make a difference

Gauri Varma Heise, Director Services Product Management, on working for Systematic in New Zealand and the impact it had on understanding of how our solutions change the customers' workflow for the better.

 Gauri Varma Heise, Director of Service Product Managment

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