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Delivering the best training services to critical decision makers

A military’s training requirements are arguably the most challenging and broad of any organisation. Alongside extensive defence-specific courses are educational programmes that span many aspects of civilian life.

Military education can be as varied as basic academic courses that are typical of schools, to instructing personnel to maintain advanced weapons systems, fly aircraft, or survive in hostile environments.

Meeting these demands is no mean feat, and, with many militaries facing fiscal constraints and experiencing high operational tempos, employing innovative pedagogical methods is a must.

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SitaWare Aspire

A digital platform that provides you with hands-on, in-app training, enabling you to unleash the full potential of your SitaWare solution.

Systematic offers a high-quality digital training platform to the defence domain with SitaWare Aspire. Experienced domain experts with extensive knowledge of our customers’ reality and requirements have developed the platform together with training experts and defence-specialised system engineers to give you the most realistic and relevant training.

The concept is simple but effective. By integrating with the operational software, SitaWare Aspire enables the trainee to learn hands-on while navigating and using the actual interface – a truly in-app training platform. Learning by doing has never been this easy and efficient.

‘Train as you fight’ is the starting point for SitaWare Aspire and ensures that we give you the best possible foundation for developing your C4I skillset – and not least unleashing the full potential of your SitaWare solution.

Key benefits of SitaWare Aspire

Unleash the full potential of your SitaWare solution

SitaWare Aspire is a hands-on training platform that introduces new courses with every release, giving you the best foundation for making the most of your SitaWare solution.

Cut down training burden, and bring up cost efficiency

SitaWare Aspire is easy to implement and use, and it enables you to train multiple users efficiently and at their convenience. It reduces the need for coordination and travel, and with its flexible and scalable setup you can tailor and expand the platform as your requirements develop.

Benefit from training developed by the best

All SitaWare Aspire courses are developed and validated by domain experts to ensure that each lesson accurately reflects workflows. All to give you the most realistic and relevant training of the highest quality.

Train as you fight – anytime and anywhere

Through the SitaWare integration, the courses in SitaWare Aspire provide you with a realistic and hands-on in-app experience. Accessible at any time and place, learning by doing has never been easier.

Ensure standardised and validated training with certification

SitaWare Aspire ensures standardised, validated, and certified training of your team and a strong foundation for further development and learning.

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