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At Systematic, we are not just taking the lead in providing digital solutions for the healthcare sector. We also offer a variety of professional services that ensure our customers optimal value of their Columna solution. Whether it is at project kick off, during implementation, daily operations or in the continuous development of our solutions, our many talents are ready to shape the IT landscape of tomorrow and adjust it to our customers’ reality.

Application design and development

At Systematic, we have extensive experience with development, integration, and project management of complex IT solutions for the healthcare sector. Our Healthcare team consists of specialists with clinical, technical or development background and we use Systematic’s wide competencies when developing strong, innovative, and user-friendly solutions to solve the clinical challenges – both now and in the future.

Our solutions are based on the newest technologies and a service minded architecture that ensures low risk and high operational reliability.

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Lean, Scrum & CMMI ML5

At Systematic, we have an agile mindset, which together with our Lean approach and CMMI ML5 certification ensures that we delivery high quality solutions efficiently. Our high process maturity requires that we constantly strive to improve what we do. As a result, our development process is continuously optimised which serves as a customer guarantee that we always think ahead to meet the demands of our customers.

Interfaces and integrations

Systematic has extensive expertise when it comes to implementing national healthcare solutions based on IHE, HL7, and MEDCOM. Partnering with Systematic you are guaranteed reliability and maturity of delivery as well as intensive knowledge about the healthcare domain, metadata, and data sources.

At Systematic, we use our internal competencies and work with a number of close collaborators to ensure our solutions and services support our customer requirements. With more than 25 years of experience as system integrators and as the largest supplier of digital healthcare solutions I Denmark, we interface and integration to a long line of systems in the healthcare IT landscape.

Implementation og configuration

Systematic’s implementation model requires a close collaboration with our customers to ensure we complete the implementation as cost efficiently as possible. In our experience, several factors influence the choice of strategy. These factors are grouped under the following main areas:

  • The professional readiness of the organisation: This main area encompasses the end-user’s ability to embrace a new digital solution and the level of support the organisation can provide.
  • The digital readiness of the organisation: This main area encompasses the IT technical aspects of the implementation.
  • The adaptability of the organisation: This main area covers the organisational impact and ability to handle the change project of implementing a new digital solution.

Our implementation consultants have many years of experience with our service offering, and most even have a clinical background. Consequently, we see the potential pitfalls and know what our customers value.

Implementing a comprehensive solution like a digital healthcare platform requires a project model that efficiently coordinates project management, training, communication, workflow analysis, design, user and operational support. CMMI ML5 and Scrum are the main elements in the project model, that in Systematic’s experience gets the job done.

Systematic uses risk management as an integrated part of the project model, which you can read more about in our case story about Central Denmark Region, one of our largest customers.