Systematic booth at ARRC meeting
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February 16, 2024

Systematic showcases cutting-edge intelligence capabilities to international audience


The full range of the world’s most technologically advanced C4ISR software was unveiled at a high-profile demonstration at the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps Headquarters (ARRC HQ) based in the UK.

James Hamilton, Systematic UK VP of Business Development, and Adam Philpotts MBE, Senior Sales Support Engineer, showcased the SitaWare Suite to a distinguished group of around 40 individuals, ranging from Lieutenant Generals to Colonels and representing at least eight different nationalities.

The focal point of the demonstration was the newest component of the SitaWare Suite – the AI powered intelligence add-on, SitaWare Insight. This innovative addition to the core product is designed to support intelligence staff in developing and managing a Recognised Intelligence Picture (RIP) at higher levels of command, typically from a 1-star Headquarters and upwards.

Adam Philpotts said the event was very successful: "It went very well; we had a lot of interest from everyone there and some really good questions and conversations. It was a real privilege to have been invited and to be able to show them what SitaWare can do."

SitaWare Insight addresses the challenge of handling the overwhelming volume of structured and unstructured information, ensuring that the flood of data does not compromise the capabilities of intelligence staff. Importantly, the add-on does not take control of the data; instead, it operates within closed defence networks, ensuring the data remains unaltered and fully owned by military users.

Systematic’s stand made the entire SitaWare suite available, including SitaWare Headquarters, SitaWare Maritime, SitaWare Insight, SitaWare Frontline, and SitaWare Edge. Attendees were given a hands-on demonstration, as the equipment and software were displayed in a way that allowed them to interact with the technology, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the user experience.