Columna Citizen is a telemedical solution that generates benefits for both patients and the healthcare system. Columna Citizen supports people in their desire to adopt a proactive approach to health and treatment where possible, and to become actively involved in their own health condition.



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  • Improved treatment quality
  • Reduced transport time
  • Personal medical record
  • Improved support for self-care and self-checking
  • More services on the basis of the same or fewer resources
  • Closer dialogue between citizens and the healthcare system
  • Flexible and scalable solution

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Columna Citizen - Patient-centred healthcare services

Columna Citizen is a telemedical solution from Systematic that generates benefits for patients and the healthcare system alike. Columna Citizen provides people with opportunities to play an active role in their own health and treatment.

Personal medical record

With the help of Columna Citizen, people can keep track of any changes in their personal medical records, which automatically register the results of any self-monitoring or tests. People can also write their own notes. Users can also grant relevant health personnel access to their personal records, and thus make sure of better support and guidance for their self-care and self-monitoring efforts.


The healthcare programmes in Columna Citizen can be configured and adapted to match different needs and illnesses.

Closer dialogue between citizens and the healthcare system

With Columna Citizen, people can use computers, mobile apps and interactive voice calls to communicate with the healthcare system more quickly, more easily and – in particular – from a distance. For example, individual patients can access rehabilitation services via video conferences where the person in question can enter into a dialogue with a physiotherapist, or they can benefit from automated coaching, in which a healthcare programme is used to provide advice in relation to special circumstances and situations.

Flexible, scalable solution

Columna Citizen is a tried, tested and user-friendly telemedical solution that focuses clearly on the individual. Columna Citizen is cost-effective and delivered on a flexible and scalable technology platform. Moreover, it features expansion options and supports requirements for communication and data exchange within the healthcare sector.


Columna Citizen is powered by Medixine