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mars 8, 2023

Observing the Iron Fist

Army personnel of 20 United Kingdom Brigade, known as The Iron Fist, recently took part in an exercise in operational planning procedures at which Systematic were invited to be present.

Exercise Eisen Fist was held on Salisbury Plain, and Systematics’ Land Domain expert Henrik Sommer attended as an observer to help inform and improve the world-leading C4ISR SitaWare Suite, while also gaining valuable insight into how operations are planned at army brigade level.

“Effective operational planning skills and up to date planning tools are essential to prevail on the modern battlefield,” he said.

Image of the battlegroup HQ

Understanding how the Army operates at a planning level is essential information-gathering, as Systematic is part of the Army’s future ISTAR programme called Project Zodiac which will catapult them into being a digitised formation.

And the current security climate is demonstrating that both people and technology are key military capabilities that require investment.

Following the exercise, Henrik Sommer said the experience and interaction with the staff of 20 UK Brigade during the exercise had been very rewarding.

“Observing the professional approach, and the training efforts by the brigade staff gave me confidence in the usability of our SitaWare software, but also provided opportunities where new technology can make it even better,” he added.

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