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maj 29, 2024

Showcasing maritime C4ISR at two major European expos

Digitalisation, interoperability and the underwater surveillance of critical national infrastructure in the maritime domain were the key topics of last week for Systematic with two major European trade shows.

Systematic, which most recently won the contract to provide NATO’s Land C2 system for the next 12 years, demonstrated its formidable maritime credentials at both the Combined Naval Event in Farnborough, UK, and the Black Sea Defence & Aerospace (BSDA) exhibition in Romania.

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The Combined Naval Event brought together key stakeholders in the naval defence industry, and was held from May 21-23. Maritime SME Jim Munt showcased SitaWare Maritime, a cutting-edge C2 solution, most recently purchased by the German Navy for their future F126 frigate programme.

Visitors to the Systematic booth experienced live demonstrations of SitaWare, showcasing its advanced features in real-time scenario simulations. The interactive sessions attracted considerable attention, with naval officers and defence contractors praising the software's intuitive interface and robust capabilities. Systematic's experts engaged in numerous discussions, emphasising the importance of interoperability and seamless communication in modern naval operations.


Simultaneously, Systematic made a strong impression at the BSDA exhibition in Bucharest, Romania. As one of the largest defense and security expos in Eastern Europe, BSDA provided an ideal platform for Systematic to present the SitaWare Suite to a diverse audience, including military personnel, government officials, and industry leaders.

At BSDA, Systematic again focused on showcasing SitaWare Maritime, with attendees being particularly interested in the suite's ability to support joint and coalition operations, a critical feature for enhancing collaboration and efficiency in multinational defence efforts.

Some of the key features of SitaWare Maritime include:

  • Waterspace management (WSM)
  • Prevention of Mutual Interference (PMI)
  • Recognised Maritime Picture
  • AI-powered track correlation & anomaly detection
  • Interoperabilty

The successful exhibitions at both events underscore Systematic’s commitment to advancing defence technology within the maritime domain and fostering global partnerships. By demonstrating their cutting-edge solutions and engaging with key industry players, Systematic continues to solidify its position as the world leader in defence C4ISR oftware innovation.

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