Communication and situational awareness across domains

Meeting the demands of the contemporary and future operating environment


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Seamless C4I across the battlespace

The SitaWare suite

Total C4I for the Modern Battlespace – Systematic’s SitaWare software suite offers best-in-class C4I capabilities across all levels of command. With comprehensive force tracking, a host of mission management and planning tools, and built-in interoperability, SitaWare supports multi-domain operations and delivers an operational advantage to commanders.

SitaWare Headquarters Core System

SitaWare enables commanders to make timely and accurate mission-critical decisions in the most challenging of operating environments. The software is optimised for communications over limited bandwidth and features smart data management capabilities.

The SitaWare suite’s open architecture and software development kits support customer-driven capability development, enabling the development and integration of third-party applications.

In service with more than 30 countries worldwide, SitaWare is the operationally proven C4I software.


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