Two hospital employees looking at columna flow command centre screens

Columna Flow Command Centre

Multi-purpose decision support through real-time and predictive flow information

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Simplified complexity

The Columna Flow Command Centre visualises performance data from the entire hospital in simple overviews that support decision-making in a single department and across the hospital. The visual dashboards provide insights into the current and near-future situation, allowing staff to take proactive measures to prevent bottlenecks and adjust to optimise the workflow.


Efficient use of performance data

Centralised monitoring

With easy-to-read overviews of the current hospital situation, caregivers and management have a valuable tool for making sustainable decisions for a single department or across the hospital. The visual dashboards are updated in real-time, providing an accurate picture of the current and near-future flow to and from the hospital. The solution is designed for fast decoding in a multi-monitor setup, but is also available for data deep-diving from coordinator and management workstations.

two computer screens with data from columna flow command centre

Columna Flow Command Centre provides overview of:

  • Patient flow in the emergency department
  • Patients in intensive care and isolation
  • Current hospital load and trend forecast
  • OR capacity and utilization rate and imaging diagnostics
  • Regional hospital load
  • Current task load and trend forecast
  • Overview of teams and staffing

Proactive bottleneck management

The Columna Flow Command Centre utilise data from the hospital's existing IT infrastructure such as the electronic medical record, booking system, patient flow system, logistics system, and radiology and laboratory systems. As a result, the solution knows what is happening right now as well as what has been planned for the near future.

Data-driven flow optimisation

The Columna Flow Command Centre provides a true and accurate overview of the current situation in the hospital. The solution also allows users access older data for comparison, offering an overall picture of the development over time in a single or multiple departments, or across the entire hospital.

Historical data is presented in visual and interactive overviews that enable hospital and department management to spot trends and use data as a foundation for streamlining and optimising workflows.