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SITE helps planners, contractors, marine coordinators, and construction and maintenance managers collaborate in a single cloud-based system that supports safety compliance, logistics planning and situational awareness.

The solution simplifies and speeds up crucial tasks across the entire offshore safety compliance spectrum; from induction to monitoring.

Learn how SITE helps simplify and streamline each step – for everyone involved. 

Step by step

  • Induction & Personnel
  • Transport Asset Management
  • Work Authorisations
  • Transfer planning & Manifesting
  • Monitoring
  • Lessons Learned

Induction & Personnel

The SITE Induction application makes it easy for personnel travelling offshore to register their personal data, certificates, and perform inductions. Currently, more than 30,000 people working at offshore wind farms have been inducted using the SITE Induction.

The retrieval and approval of GWO certificates are made easy with integration to the GWO WINDA database – which in turn helps save significant man-hours every year.

  • User defined access requirements and induction
  • Able to send bulk invitations to inductions
  • Automatic notification of personnel by email when inductions and certificates are due to expire
  • Fully GDPR compliant

Transport Asset Management

SITE’s smart features for transport asset management ensures that every vessel and helicopter are registered with valid inspection certificates when they depart from port with personnel on-board.

With SITE’s Transport Asset Management, Marine Managers can track that vessels has valid certificates and Coordinators ensure that manifest are only issued to compliant vessels.

  • Easy registration of all transport assets, such as vessels and helicopters with their key properties, for example MMSI and pax capacity
  • Registration includes vessel and helicopter Inspection Certificates, complete with expiration dates
  • Automatic warnings if certificates are due to expire when attempting to approve manifest for a vessel or helicopter
  • Registration of vessel and helicopter availability to operate at wind farms

Work Authorisations

The SITE Work Authorisation module for offshore wind construction projects, streamlines the process where package installation managers apply for and are issued an authorisation to perform work at given locations within the given timeframe.

SITE Work Authorisation is designed to oblige with local compliance standards. So, for example, projects in the UK use SITE Work Authorisation along with RAMS documentation to implement compliance with the HSG250 guidance on permit-to-work systems.

  • Work Authorisation request form used by Contractors Work Coordinators
  • Helps the user to identify SIMOPS by offering list views of all requested, pending, and approved Work Authorisation
  • Rejected Work Authorisation requests are automatically returned to the originator for modifications
  • Map symbols for assets under construction has customisable colour codes for installation stage, custody holder, and asset under electrical rules
  • Work Authorisation documents can be accessed directly from the map of assets

Transfer planning & Manifesting

SITE helps Marine Coordinators plan transfers with the aid of automated controls to ensure safety compliance – at every step.

The software executes controls of certificate and profile validity each time a team member is assigned to a transfer, and when the transport is approved.

This removes manual, time-consuming processes and significantly reduces the risk of human error.  

  • Manifests can be built, approved, and distributed as .pdf files by email and text message
  • Automatic verification of personnel and vessel certificates according to defined access requirements
  • Route planning for helicopter transports with calculation of payload for each leg
  • Copy of transport plans from one date to another
  • Integration with CMMS with capability to select issued work orders and transform them to transfer requests


SITE offers Marine Coordinators a common operating picture by providing a multi-layered map. Selecting layers, coordinators can display all wind farm assets with symbols that indicate the status of the asset and number of people onboard. Vessel and helicopter tracks can be displayed with data from AIS and ADS-B sources – while weather forecasts, including lightning, can be displayed on top of other layers to provide complete situational awareness.

  • Import and display of AIS and ADS-B track data
  • Configurable base map with possibility for user to select between OpenSeaMap and ENC charts
  • Multilayer map display with wind farm assets, array/export cables, vessel/helicopters tracks, and marking of assets with personnel on-board
  • Guard zone surrounding windfarm and issue of notification if non-project vessels enter the windfarm area
  • User definition of geofences and rules to issue notifications in events such as breach of speed limits
  • User definition of additional symbols and drawings at the map
  • Recording and replay of vessel tracks
  • Tracking of personnel location when they transfer between vessels, helicopters, and windfarm assets
  • Ability to export evacuation reports to .pdf format with the location of personnel in the windfarm
  • Digital manifest that shows personnel planned and actual location

Lessons Learned

While SITE offer comprehensive features to ensure safety compliance, the most important feature is perhaps the ability to build on lesson learned. Our SITE and safety compliance specialists can help build on reports and experiences to develop new capabilities or ensure correct use of existing licenses.  Lessons can be learned at every step – and help improve the entire solution.

  • Direct access to a dedicated contact person
  • Vast options for SITE training depending on roles and assignments
  • New features and improvements are developed based on customer feedback
  • Continuous updates to SITE modules are available to all customers

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