This course teaches the structure and working practices of a typical Electronic Warfare Operational Support Centre (EWOSC).


Course Overview

The course scope covers the aim, objectives and tasking of a typical EWOSC down to details such as local working practices and the duties and responsibilities of the various EW domain uses (for example emitter analysis staff, platform researchers, intercepts and data source management staff). Course length is dependent on the depth required by the customer and could range from one week for an introduction level course, to many weeks for training to create an EWOSC within a military environment. Systematic’s own Electronic Warfare database management system, Systematic EWare, is used for demonstration as are the Primary Radar Engineering Program (PREP) and other software tools.


1 week or as determined by customer requirement



Course Content

  • Aims, objectives and tasking
  • Local working practices
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • 'Hands on' database input
  • Management of EW data

Skills Learned

Skill levels are entirely dependent on customer requirements. A one week course would give an introduction to structure and general working practices. It is common for this course to be tailored to create a training programme for a customer to develop a personnel base for an EWOSC. This may require several weeks or months of training for any number of delegates over a period decided by the customer.

Course Prerequisites

Prior attendance at our EW Foundation Course or its equivalent would certainly be beneficial but not essential.

Time in Exercises



EW database management software

Associated Courses

Determined by customers needs