Training for Critical Decision Making


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We provide courses that support our customers in the challenge of making critical decisions. 

We are very aware that at every level in defence there is a requirement for knowledge outside the boundaries of the software products we provide and every commander invests heavily in training to ensure the best levels of operational effectiveness.  To assist you in this process, we make available a range of technology and knowledge based courses that provide the glue that joins knowledge to operational performance.

Our technology and knowledge courses can be tailored to your specific requirements and required depth of understanding and are delivered by specialists in their individual fields.

For example, using modern user-friendly interoperable communications and C2 systems such as the SitaWare and IRIS product ranges is possible with little training.  However, managing them in an ever changing battlefield with many nations working together in collaboration requires knowledge of MIP theory and JC3IEDM.  Operating a modern intuitive Electronic Warfare Data Management System such as EWare can be achieved in a short time, but the underlying pre-requisite radar theory, pulse-by-pulse analysis skills and operational environment knowledge is often hard to find when recruiting staff to use such a system.

At Systematic, we provide not only the products, but also the missing support training courses that bring true operational integration and effectiveness.  Please use the links below to see the range of courses and the contact links if you require further information on any of our technology or knowledge courses.

All our courses can be delivered at your location.  We also have training centres in Denmark, the United Kingdom and the USA.

All courses can be tailored to specific requirements and held on dates to meet customer needs.

For further information
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