Uncompromising data security

Data safety and security are all-important in modern organisations. Serious data breaches can result in large fines, but can also have a big impact on the organisation’s reputation.

At Systematic, we specialise in solutions which involve handling some of the most sensitive and confidential data for the health services, police forces, armed forces and for the intelligence services.

Here, the requirements for data safety and security are extremely high, which requires a special approach to data protection. This approach runs through all our projects, and is your guarantee that your data remains as safe and secure as humanly possible – whether it concerns the initial code or individual security solutions designed to withstand targeted attacks.

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Security in the code

Systematic develops projects in line with Security by Design and Secure Coding principles. This basically means that security is built into our solutions, and that our processes and development methods meet the highest security requirements.

We continually test security, and implement measures which ensure the best programming practices.

There is no room for comprise with data security. Contact us today to hear how we can apply our experience from working with the highest security level to your IT solutions.