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Multi-domain: Command and control

Today’s security challenges do not just manifest across the domains of land, sea, and air. Threats also, and increasingly, exist in the realms of space and cyber where attacks on national systems and hardware wreak havoc far from a traditional battlefield.

And with peer and near-peer warfare coming firmly into the spotlight, the capability gap with potential adversaries is alarmingly slim. Yet to secure the advantage, it is the mastery of command and control alongside fast and robust data analysis that requires investment and optimisation. 

Top 3 multi-domain challenges

  • Data analysis
  • Intra-operability
  • Timing

Data analysis

The volume of information drawn from across all domains can be vast and requires processing at pace.


All branches of a nation's forces should be able to operate together effectively.


Fighting across all domains requires modern systems that are reliable, accurate, and timely. 

Data analysis

With the increase in domains, the amount of data that can be collected by forces has risen considerably. Processing, sifting, and analysing that information presents a real challenge, especially when combined with the necessity for speed and accuracy.

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into that process is essential for a cohesive compilation of plans, tasks, and orders based on the latest data. The swift processing of information, aided by a constantly updated algorithm, is necessary to leverage data for the effective command and control of forces across multi-domain operations.

At Systematic, we are exploring the application of AI across the SitaWare suite. We have already introduced various aspects in our software, ranging from our AI Assisted Toolbox designed to improve work processes, to the use of machine learning for anomaly detection in the maritime domain.

We are now working on a range of advanced applications, including decision-support tools, such as for route planning and analysis, and the ability to analyse multi-source intelligence reports through the application of natural language understanding.


Intra-operability between all arms of a nation’s forces is essential for the ability to conduct successful operations within the multi-domain. Legacy systems and individual procurement processes mean that the systems within each branch of the armed forces must be sufficiently optimised to allow them to coordinate and operate effectively together.

To meet the requirement to connect across all the domains, reliably and efficiently, consideration should be paid to off-the-shelf technology with an open architecture that can be quickly integrated into existing infrastructure.

SitaWare Headquarters is the operationally proven C4ISR solution that delivers superior tactical communication, unmatched inter- and intraoperability, seamless collaborative planning, and comprehensive situational awareness across the battlespace. As an advanced C4ISR system, it allows all levels of command and all domains to exchange vital information and extensive plans within own, coalition, and joint battle networks.

The SitaWare suite ‘speaks’ a wealth of C2 interoperability standards allowing it to interface, correlate, and share mission essential information from other C2 information systems used throughout the different services. Due to the SitaWare suite’s ability to translate between the different standards as well, it can also act as an information gateway between the different C2 information systems.


With multi-domain operations, reaction times must be faster than ever before. In the time it takes to fire a bullet, nefarious actors could wipe out a banking system or expose personal records to a worldwide audience.

The exploitation of technology that includes decision support tools, while streamlining and speeding up processes, is a force multiplier for forces. There is no time for human error or unreliable software – operating across domains demands a comprehensive, dynamic, and near-real time Common Operating Picture (COP) to ensure speed and accuracy of resulting action.

SitaWare Insight's ability to handle vast volumes of complex data will streamline and speed up decision-making processes, acting as a force multiplier for commanders. It is designed to bring big-data storage, processing, analysis, and dissemination to the SitaWare suite, thereby supporting intelligence staff procedures and significantly enhancing the overall command-and-control capability of the suite.

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