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IT operation & Infrastructure services

IT operations often lie in the shadow of new solutions, but it is vital that operations are just as much in focus.

However promising the solution you have developed, it not worth anything without stable and competent operation. It is for this very reason that you must choose an IT partner that never compromises on quality.

At Systematic, we are well known for our development and operating solutions for the health sector and the defence industry, where stable operations mean the difference between life and death.

This same sense of responsibility also extends to all operating and infrastructure projects. It is thanks to us, for example, that all COPD patients are quickly able to contact the health service via telemedical infrastructure. We also ensure that all the libraries in Denmark as well as all the municipal IT infrastructure are able to function smoothly.

Stable operations - in all types of set-ups

The operating solution you choose obviously has to meet all your requirements – even if it involves several players or systems. And whether or not your solution is hosted ‘on site’ or ‘in the cloud’, we are happy to advise on choosing the optimum solution for your particular needs.

Our consultancy is unbiased, so the starting point is the final result – and not the technical set-up. Moreover, we obviously take everything into account when advising you – from your budgetary framework to your security requirements and development environments. 

As one of Denmark's biggest IT suppliers to both public and private enterprises, we possess extensive experience at collaborating with multiple IT suppliers, enabling you to fully benefit from using different systems.

Operations can soon become unnecessarily expensive and complex, and we therefore adhere to principles such as DevOps, which gives you fast access to new releases – without compromising your daily operations. And, of course, we provide exactly the right level of support, so that it meets your needs, solution and wishes.

So contact our operating specialists to hear more about how we can help you find a solution that matches your security needs and requirements.



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