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Columna Flow

Streamlining hospital workflows for improved and cost-efficient patient care.

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Overcome some of the most urgent challenges at today's hospitals

Hospitals globally strive to improve efficiency without increasing costs or compromising patient care. However, higher patient numbers and the need to reduce admission times pressure clinicians and service personnel, risking the quality of patient care.

Columna Flow is the collective name for Systematic's solutions that support and optimise hospital workflows across disciplines and departments. The solutions are built to facilitate dynamic workflows and enable situational awareness for all hospital personnel, including management. 

Explore the Columna Flow suite solutions:


Complete flow support from arrival to discharge.


Streamline patient flows and real-time updates to enhance care

Ensure your team delivers timely care through streamlined and efficient workflows. 


Work together across departments to eliminate barriers

Coordinate seamlessly, foster teamwork and remove barriers between healthcare departments.


Empower employees to take control

Empower hospital staff to choose their patients and assignments through access to data.


Reduce errors to improve patient safety

Reduce errors and improve patient safety by digitising and standardising patient information.


Use data to make better decisions

Forecast, analyse performance, and boost collaboration through consistent data visibility.


Use interoperable solutions to add value

Add value to your patient flows using efficient, interoperable solutions that reduce costs. 

Ensure timely care by streamlining workflows

To overcome increased workload demands, it is important to facilitate streamlined workflows that increase your hospital’s efficiency.

Our solutions optimise workflows by enabling a so-called ’pull-principle’, whereby staff can self-allocate their tasks from a prioritised list. Consequently, tasks are selected based on an efficiency principle, where knowledge of the current workload and resource planning help maximise operational delivery.

This produces more cohesive scheduling, improved efficiency, and a reduction in unnecessary steps. It also provides a real-time overview for clinicians and service staff who can follow assigned tasks and share information about progress and status. This increases efficiency and time for patient care without raising costs or diminishing standards.

Empower employees to take control

Unfortunately, workplace stress is widely prevalent among hospital staff. Our solutions provide hospital staff with digital and accessible tools to sort out their workday and get an easy overview of tasks.  

Empowering staff in this way helps build a sense of control, trust and shared responsibility, and encourages cohesive team-working rather than relying on each staff member to work in isolation. 

Use data to make the best decisions

Many hospitals rely on manual and analogue procedures, which limits the collection of data and the application of valuable insights.

Our solutions provide a valuable and data-driven starting point for optimising workflows in and across departments by equipping hospital teams with a means to analyse factors impacting current performance, service deviations, capacity changes, and delays.

Data can be utilised, for example, when reorganising teams, reprioritising tasks or delegating tasks to specific personnel. This enables hospitals to provide efficient and high-quality care for patients based on a robust understanding of the situational backdrop.

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