Hospital staff spends a lot of time looking for colleagues and equipment. Because a lot of equipment is shared in and between wards, personnel can easily lose their overview of equipment location. Frequently, in order to avoid a lack of equipment, more equipment than necessary is purchased.
It is equally important that colleagues can find each other; particularly in the case of specialists during critical situations.


For example, a situation may arise where a nurse needs to use a type of drug pump that is rarely used in the ward and none of the staff knows its location. By entering "drug pump" in the search field, the whereabouts of the drug pump will be shown. Likewise, a critical situation might arise in the accident and emergency department, requiring the attention of the attending specialist.





By tracking equipment and personnel, time is no longer wasted trying to find them. All staff has to do is access the information to obtain a rapid overview of the information about the locations.
General Search collects all of this information and makes it manageable. The user-friendly interface and search engine make it possible for personnel to track other personnel and equipment and to see their current locations.

Standard searches tailored to suit specific wards or profiles can be incorporated. Each user also has the option of setting up favourite search terms or displaying the most frequently used searches. The results can be downloaded from the current overview display to smartphones and PCs.

For example, a search for a particular specialist will show if the person in question is about to carry out an operation or is available and where the specialist is located.

General Search helps to reduce the amount of equipment required and reduces future equipment purchasing costs as a complete overview means more efficient use of existing resources.

The application will simplify working procedures and increase efficiency for all hospital staff.




All Employees At The Hospital

  • Easier finding equipment and people – saves time
  • Improved patient treatment quality because the right equipment can always be found
  • Easy to find colleagues when the need arises
  • User-friendly


  • Reduces excess equipment
  • The application can search across many sources, so only one search engine is required
  • Rapid implementation
  • Saves time and money