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Columna Citizen

The telemedicine solution that ensures secure home-based patient management and automated remote care

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Significant benefits for patients and care providers


Shorter and fewer hospitalisations

The solution offers help to self-help and reduces the need for hospitalising the chronically ill.

Short distance to care givers

Citizens can talk to caregivers, access services through video or phone and receive automated coaching.

Cost-efficient solution

The health authorities can offer more services to more patients for the same or less resources.

Participate in your own treatment

With Columna Citizen community residents can access their digital care record and follow their treatment and health progression. Remote monitoring results and tests are automatically registered in the care record, ensuring more accurate data with the option of adding personal notes. The solution even allows citizens to assign care record access to relevant caregivers for better support and guidance.

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Simple Data Registration

Columna Citizen automatically collects data from integrated medical devices, enabling citizens to monitor their own state of health. Citizens can also add data entries manually, directly in the mobile app. This allows assigned care givers to access updated data and use the insights to tailor the treatment accordingly.

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Patient-Reported Information

Systematic’s solution for collecting Patient-Reported Information integrates to existing telemedicine infrastructures and supports all relevant workflows related to the collection of health data in the communities. The solution provides access to relevant administrators, management, and employees as well as to the citizens answering the community care questionnaires.

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Video Visits

Columna Citizen promotes easy and safe communication between the citizen and the community care providers. Through online video visits the citizen and caregiver can go through potential challenges, discuss changes to the treatment plan, or answer arising questions.

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Mobile Coaching

With Systematic’s solution for citizen care, healthcare professionals can build automated coaching courses to keep citizens motivated. The system sends out reminders and good advice directly to the citizen’s smartphone, enabling them to follow their treatment, remember to submit relevant data, and receive notifications of upcoming appointments.

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National Infrastructure for Telemedicine

Systematic is leading the development of the first national telemedicine infrastructure, scoping the way we think telemedicine and cross-sector healthcare in Denmark. The platform is pivotal for creating the future continuum of care and kicks off with a dedicated focus on supporting patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), followed by solutions for the larger chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, and allergies.

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