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IT solutions that support treatment pathways across the continuum of care

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Complete workflow support

Systematic offers a number of digital healthcare solutions, supporting the continuum of care across sectors.

All Columna solutions are developed to support the workflow for clinicians, care and service personnel, and social services so they can focus on what is most important: providing the best possible citizen care.


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Hospital Care

nurse looking out of the window Explore Columna Flow

Columna Flow

Columna Flow is Systematic’s suite of solutions that optimises complex workflows and supports cross-functional collaboration, enabling staff to focus on providing the best possible patient care. The many features include planning, execution and optimisation of tasks across the hospital, central coordination of the patient flow, easy identification and localisation of equipment and staff, and a wayfinding tool for patients and visitors.

nurse working on a computer Explore Columna CIS

Columna CIS

Columna CIS is the electronic medical record that optimises physician productivity and effectiveness through complete management of clinical data. The solution features modules for accurate documentation, medication management, surgery booking, and management of requisitions and results.

doctor using medical device Explore Columna VitalShare

Columna VitalShare

Columna VitalShare is Systematic’s integration solution that collects, stores, and distributes clinical data from medical devices, reducing the risk of reading and documentation errors.

Community Care

elderly woman sitting in a chair. Nurse reading her journal on a iPad Explore Columna Cura

Columna Cura

Columna Cura is Systematic's social and care record that promotes efficient documentation and optimal task management of community care services. The solution features tools for appointment follow up, on-demand communication, housing and aid administration, and early detection of illness.

Citizen Care

person measures blood pressure Explore Columna Citizen

Columna Citizen

Columna Citizen is Systematic's telemedicine solution that promotes secure home-based patient management and automated remote care, bringing the citizen and care providers closer together.


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Systematic offers a wide range of services to help you capture even more value with your Columna solution. Our developers, UX designers, project managers and implementation consultants are specialists within their area and will help you find the solution that matches your needs.

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