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Columna Cura

The electronic care record that ensures efficient documentation and optimal task management of community care services

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Optimal care through cross-functional collaboration


Efficient workflows

Overview, structured planning and easy documentation are key to ensuring more efficient workflows.

Data-driven management

Complete and accurate data overviews offer insights and better grounds for workflow optimisation.


Improved planning and documentation supports information-sharing and releases time for care.

Columna Cura modules

  • Home care
  • Social care
  • Housing
  • Aid
  • Early Detection
  • Citizen Portal
  • Business Intelligence

Columna Cura is the overall name for Systematic’s solutions that support and optimise documentation and coordination tasks within community care.

The solution suite consists of two overall modules, Columna Cura Care and Columna Cura Social, and a number of expansions. The modules are stand-alone, but the optimal effect comes from combining them, thereby enabling care gives to share data across and create a safer and more efficient collaboration centralised around the citizen.

The suite is developed to support the care givers’ varied workflows and is accessible from multiple platforms depending on the needs of the situation. With its clean user interface, the solution promotes efficient case management and supports citizen-centric cross-functional collaboration across sectors. Columna Cura is used both within home care and social services, rehabilitation, and other health promoting and preventing services.

Home care

An old man and a woman sitting in a couch talking with a nurse

Columna Cura Care

Electronic Care Record

Cura Care provides the care providers with overviews of relevant information about the tasks and citizens planned for the day, no matter if they are working from their office or from the citizen home on their smartphone. The clean user interface promotes easy documentation of relevant information in the electronic care record, allowing more time for citizen care and support.

Social care

A woman in a support center looking at digital journals on a computer

Columna Cura Social

Electronic Social Record

Cura Social gathers relevant information about the citizen on a single digital platform, facilitating a stronger collaboration across authorities, care providers and financial systems within the community. Cura Social provides overview and insights locally on specific cases and centrally with regards to financial and overall activities within the community.


Mail boxes

Columna Cura Housing

Overview of citizens and homes

Cura Housing promotes efficient management and allocation of senior and care homes as well as sheltered housing accommodation, day care and activity centres, simplifying the task of referring and assigning community homes. Different parameters such as location and facilities are easily taken into consideration, ensuring that the allocated home matches the citizen needs and wishes.


A wheel chair

Columna Cura Aid

Digital cross-collaboration

Cura Aid supports a smooth process for managing requisitions and planning delivery of aid and devices and provides overview of available and on loan assets. Cura Aid optimises stock management and automatically creates new tasks when stock levels are low or service is needed.

Early Detection

Two persons sitting and holding hands

Columna Cura Early Detection

Simple registration

With Cura Early Detection, care providers can easily reflect on and register the signs of incipient illness or reduced or impaired mobility or functions they notice during a visit. Cura Early Detection notifies all relevant professions quickly so that preventive measures can be set in motion to avoid hospitalisation or invasive treatment.

Citizen Portal

A person looking at a phone

Columna Cura Dialogue

Easy communication between citizens and community care

Cura Dialogue provides citizen access to community care. From the intuitive app the citizen can keep up to date with their rehabilitation appointments and communicate directly with their assigned caregiver or contact person. With Cura Dialogue the citizen can participate actively in their personal treatment, improving the overall experience of the community care.

Business Intelligence

Blue illustration of business intelligence and data

Columna Cura BI

Cross-functional Business Intelligence

Cura BI provides real-time overview of cases, waiting time, and services received, allowing management to follow up and settle costs based on assigned, calculated and actual time spent. The module provides data access on multiple levels, equipping users, team leads, department management, and top management with a valuable tool for their daily work.

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