Nurse working on a computer with Columna CIS

Columna CIS

Optimal physician productivity and effectiveness through complete management of clinical data

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A fully documented care pathway


The clinical data hub

An integrated digital workplace with all information available from a single user-friendly system.

Improved patient safety

Having all information about the patient available means better overview and reduced risk of error.

Adjusted to your context

Developed for fast and accurate documentation regardless of the clinical context.

One solution, a host of opportunities

Columna CIS features a number of functionalities, which all together form a fully integrated clinical workplace. Through single sign-on, caregivers have access to all relevant information – including any integrated third-party data – about the patient.

Nurse working with Columna CIS EMR solution in ICU

Columna CIS Electronic Medical Record

Columna CIS provides overview of the patient’s care pathways and documentation support of all clinical tasks. The solution features both medicine prescription support, recording of clinical measurements and treatment notes, as well as an overview of the patient’s medical history, diagnoses, and health-related contacts. As such, Columna ensures coherence between the clinical documentation and the patient administration.

Pharmacist administering patient medication with Columna CIS electronic health record

Columna CIS Medicine

With Columna CIS the clinical staff have a valuable tool for prescribing simple and complex medical treatment, automatically verified against the current patient treatment. This promotes patient safety and reduces the administrative burden of documenting the treatment.

Nurse in the IR

Columna CIS Booking

With Columna CIS Booking the clinical staff have full support of the daily planning and execution or bookings in their own department or across the hospital. The solution visualises today’s schedule and current status on patient appointments, which enable the staff to keep an overview of the patient flow throughout the day.

Paramedic in front of military ambulance

SitaWare Battlefield Health

The military medical solution that supports the healthcare needs of military personnel and their dependents.

Radiologist using Columna CIS electronic medical record to document X-ray results

Columna CIS Requisitions & Results

Columna CIS is the digital tool for handling workflows around test, laboratory and radiology requisitions and results. The solution ensures placing requisitions in para-clinical systems correctly, easing the workload and enabling staff to follow the requisition status and see the results on e.g. blood work, x-rays, or bacteria cultures as they are ready.

Doctor working with Columna CIS electronic medical record

Columna CIS Patient Administration

Columna CIS eases tasks related to patient administration. The solution handles all tasks related to the patient hospitalisation, account settlement, and reporting and ensures a smooth hospital encounter through efficient information sharing and coordination between all involved stakeholders.

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