Systematic wants more women in IT and sponsors IT-Camp for girls again

The annual IT-Camp for girls at Aarhus University encourages girls to choose an IT-degree. Systematic supports this effort and CEO, Michael Holm, is pleased that there has in fact been an increase in the number of girls studying IT.

Press release15 October 2019

On 16-18 October, Aarhus University once again opens its doors to girls who are curious about what studying IT is all about. This event is called IT-Camp for Girls, and Systematic has chosen to sponsor it for the tenth time. Through presentations, workshops and company visits, high-school girls will be introduced to the IT-degrees at Aarhus University. 

IT-Camp for girls aims for more women to choose an education within the field of IT and computer science by giving them an understanding of what you learn when studying IT and what you can do with such a degree in the long run.

You don’t need an extensive knowledge about programming

Fie Hebsgaard Morell, who works as a systems engineer at Systematic, is one of the relatively few women who has studied computer science. During her master’s degree she could count on one hand how many women she met in the lectures. Fie thinks that IT-camp for girls can help challenge the gender gap in IT-degrees.

Fie Til Web

“Many girls are discouraged from IT-degrees because they think you need to know a lot about computers already. You do not. That is what I think is cool about IT-Camp for girls. It opens your eyes to what the IT-degrees are all about and informs you that you don’t need to know a lot about computers before you start.”

People don’t see the opportunities that come with an IT-degree

There are a lot of misconceptions about what you learn when you study IT and what you can do with the degree in the long run. According to Fie, a lot of people associate computer science with computer games which means that they don’t see the many opportunities that come with an IT-degree.

“With an IT-degree you know something about a limited area that can help so many people because there is IT in everything. At Systematic alone, you can work with everything from hospitals to defence and library systems. Within our field of work, you can do so many different things.”

More women do choose an IT-degree

There are indications that initiatives like IT-Camp for girls might have effect when it comes to breaking down stereotypes about studying IT. In 2019, Aarhus University accepted 31 percent more women compared to 2016. This means that women make up 27 percent of the new IT-students in Aarhus.

At Systematic, CEO Michael Holm is pleased with the development:

“It is positive that more women gravitate towards IT. We need all the talented people we can get in the tech industry and an event like IT-Camp for girls can be an eyeopener for young women who are interested in IT but unsure about what such a degree can lead to. There is a lot of talent out there, we just need to show them the opportunities,” Michael Holm says.